Why Can The State Kidnap Your Child?

Originally Published: Mass Outrage

DCF is completely in control. Even judges can’t rein them in.

I. Why Can’t Anyone Stop DCF?

If everyone knows that the Massachusetts Dept. of Children and Families (DCF)is out of control, why can’t they be reined in and told to behave? This is one of the dirtiest and least known secrets of how the DCF is able to destroy so many families, and the source of their power: DCF is in control, not the courts. It must be nice to answer to no one, knowing you cannot be punished, cannot be sued, cannot be accountable for the trauma you perpetrate, both on purpose and by mistake.

Ever since the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decided two cases back in 1995, Care and Protection of Isaac, 419 Mass. 602 (1995) and Care and Protection of Jeremy, 419 Mass. 616 (1995), the DCF has had almost complete control of all children in its custody. A judge will only interfere if DCF is committing what is ridiculously called an “abuse of discretion.”

When does DCF abuse its “discretion” enough for a court to step in and stop them?

Generally, never. The Courts have become rubber stamps for DCF. Death, torture, broken bones, bruises, wounds, medical neglect, and other ‘minor’ problems caused by DCF do not seem to bother courts very much. However, if the parents pray, spank, or yell at the child, then they will authorize the DCF to take your children and give them to a family who cannot be told not to abuse them. Foster parents and DCF approved programs and institutions can usually abuse children at will, often with no consequences whatsoever. As long as it’s their guy doing the abusing, nothing will happen.

Not only will a court refuse to stop DCF caretakers from abusing children, it will usually not mind if DCF is falsifying records, committing perjury, taking children on false pretenses, illegally stretching out a case for years, or demanding that a wife commit perjury by getting a false restraining order against the husband.

In other words, DCF is accountable to no one, and no one can stop them, unless the state legislature or a higher court steps in and changes the state of the law.

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