I am Pro-Life. I am especially against partial birth abortion.

There is never a justifiable reason to murder a full term baby during the birthing process by piercing the occipital brain with a scalpel or pair of scissors when only the head is left to be delivered. That is genocide of our future generations; of our future leaders or caretakers.

Under the 14th. Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, each citizen is guaranteed LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. How can any citizen pursue liberty and happiness if his/her LIFE is snuffed out before this new American is allowed to take his/her first breath of life?

We must protect the unborn embryo or fetus. Parents have the right to know if and when their minor daughter is seeking an abortion.

As a Christian Nation we do not promote abortion all over the world. As American citizens and tax payers we object to our politicians funding abortions all over the world with our hard earned dollars, when in particular, facing a massive debt in the trillions that has already guaranteed our children and grandchildren inslaved servitude for life.

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